With the PS4 pro and PSVR both releasing this year PlayStation has had a busy year. They obviously complement each other nicely however they both push very different display technologies. Ps4 pro was designed with 4K TVs in mind and while 4K does look nice heres why I think it’s nothing compared with what VR gives you.

4K games do look stunning but then so do most HD games. The jump from HD to 4K is nowhere near as large as the jump from SD to HD was. Display technology is now seeing smaller incremental upgrades with PPI (Pixels per inch) reaching levels where it begins to not matter. This is where VR steps in. VR takes that display and bolts it to your face giving you a 3D image of a world 360° around you. The tracking of your movements totally sucks you in and makes you feel like you are a part of that world. This is something that for all their beauty 4K displays simply can’t replicate. That sense of presence will always be unique to VR.

This is best summed up for me by games that are playable both in and out of VR. One of the best examples of this is Driveclub. Outside of VR the game has a whole host of visual features superior to the VR version but in the headset none of that matters and the game is infinitely more enjoyable. The ability to look around your car, use the mirrors just by glancing at them and see how close you really were to hitting that wall is unique in VR and the game benefits greatly from it. It’s not just racers either with the VR version of Tumble (a simple block stacking game) being so much more inspired than the original and Surgeon Simulator gaining a new level of fun in PSVR.

Simply put flat screens can never mimic the experience you get with VR it is a huge part of the future of gaming and I sure am excited for it.