The Last of Us is one of my favourite games ever and, in my opinion, one of the greatest stories ever told in a game hence I don’t make comparisons to it lightly. Logan shares both the initially obvious and some deeper more complex characteristics with Naughty Dog’s epic. In this article im going to discuss these similarities and how this speaks to the quality of each. This article will contain spoilers for Logan and The Last of Us.

Lets start with the most obvious comparison, the characters. It’s easy to draw comparisons between Joel and Logan or Ellie and Laura based solely on their looks: Logan the grizzled older man and Laura the younger more vulnerable looking girl. The comparison goes deeper than that though and encompasses more than just those two characters. Joel and Logan are both lost in a world that’s changed beyond recognition for them they’re searching for a purpose. Ellie and Laura are both seemingly innocent young girls hiding secrets that could change the worlds they inhabit. Charles Xavier and Tess both encourage helping the young girls before they’re killed and both inspire a sense of duty in their respective main characters. David and Peirce are both abusive in different ways and are both undone by the people they abused. The similarities between the characters run deeper than I expected initially and their relationships, especially between Logan and Laura, are in many ways similar too.

Characters, while the most obvious, aren’t the only comparisons we can make though Logan and The Last of Us share much more than that, the tone and themes are undeniably similar. Logan painting a bleak world where companies engineer bio-weapons out of children while The Last of Us portrays a bleak apocalypse complete with martial law enforced by an opressive government. These settings may seem radically different and in some ways they are but the bleak, dark tone is shared and it shapes the story these movies tell. That is the tale of a journey to save a girl that is initially is all about the reward but slowly becomes a becomes a labour of love between either a metaphorical or genetic father and daughter. The underlying themes of loss, hope and purpose run through both further compounding the similarities.

The endings may be the area they are farthest apart however, even here, similarities can be found. After playing/watching each I felt bittersweet, both endings are satisfying and pleasing yet jarring and upsetting. Sacrifices are made at the end of both for the betterment of the girls and while that may be more immediately obvious with Logan’s death it is clear Joel lost a part of himself in that hospital, a part he will never get back. So while Joel survives and Logan does not it is clear Joel will never be same after the events of The Last of Us. 

Logan borrows heavily from The Last of Us and while some may put this down saying you could draw comparisons between so many movies and games I’d argue these similarities are more than what you’d normally expect. The Last of Us was a wonderful story and Logan makes it clear to me that while we may never get a Last of Us movie its clear hollywood has taken notice of The Last of Us and its has a lasting impact.