Sony is in a commanding position right now. With critically acclaimed games like Horizon Zero Dawn, sales numbers for PS4 through the roof and PSVR a stand out performer in the VR market it may seem as if Sony isn’t under much pressure this year. That however couldn’t be further from the truth with Microsoft’s Project Scorpio looming large on the horizon Sony needs a good showing at E3 2017 to continue PS4’s phenomenal sales momentum. Here’s what I’d like to see from Yoshida and co at their big press conference.

Release dates Days-Gone-E3-Key-Art-051916-02.jpg

Sony has no shortage of promising games in development and while their new policy of only stamping on a date when they know they can meet it will certainly save a number of disappointing delays it has left the remainder of 2017 looking rather empty. GT sport, Media molecule’s Dreams and if you take stock in rumours even the new God of War could be ready for launch before the end of they year and E3 would be the perfect time to announce when precisely we might see these titles emerge. It would be nice too to get an idea of how 2018 is shaping up with Days Gone and Insomniac’s new Spiderman game being potential releases for next year.

Playstation VR


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time I’ve spent so far with my PSVR headset. Games like Resident Evil 7, DiRT Rally and, more recently, Farpoint proving the worth of the head mounted display. That being said for VR to be truly successful Sony needs to place its full weight behind its headset this means we need games at E3. The view forward for PSVR is startlingly bare but with rumours of God of War series developers Sony Santa Monica working on a large VR game it does sound like Sony is ready to really push the headset. Battlefront 2 and Project Cars 2 have also been widely rumoured to support the headset and with Sony’s excellent connections with the wider industry there may be a few more third party surprises up Sony’s corporate sleeves.

New Projects


A number of Sony’s key studios and third party partners have been silent for a while now. Sucker Punch productions have been quietly working away on something since the release of standalone DLC Infamous: First Light in August 2014. Given the long length of development and the relatively muted reception to Second Son I’m expecting them to have moved away from Infamous to a fresh IP. Rumours have once again begun surrounding a joint project between Sony and From Software, the legendary developers of Dark Souls, that have most recently suggested a potential Aztec RPG  which would certainly pique my interest.

What to avoid


Generally there are parts of any E3 press  conference that make you cringe or put you to sleep and that’s just part of the nature of the convention. There are certain things it would be best if Sony avoided to improve their press conference. The first of these is avoiding altogether its Playstation Vue service which, while not a bad service, is not something you tune into an E3 broadcast to hear about. Sony also has a tendancy to put huge emphasis behind Destiny and Call of Duty which given the current animosity towards the two franchises may be better having shorter segments. Overall the conference should be all about the games which in fairness to Sony it always has been.

That’s all I’ve got on Sony’s E3 presser but I’m sure they’ll have plenty of surprises in store when they go live on Tuesday June 13th at 2AM BST here in the UK.