2017 is shaping up to be a huge year for Microsoft with Project Scorpio set to shape the future of the companies gaming efforts. The new uber powerful console ins’t all Microsoft has prepared for their console so here’s what I’d like to see them reveal at E3 2017.

Scorpio Details


We know a lot about the internals of the Scorpio already and we’ve already seen a development kit yet beyond this we have no idea on pricing or availability. Microsoft will need to detail and showcase how Scorpio will improve your games whilst also working to reassure existing Xbox one owners that they have not been forgotten. Scorpio pricing could also be a make or break issue for the firm and I would expect the exact price to become clear during the conference. I would speculate that pricing would be on or above the $500 mark due to the high spec nature of the console and Microsoft’s insistence that this is for the “Higher end consumer”.

Strong launch line up


Scorpio needs games to back it up. Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves are all slated for release this year and Turn 10 studios is undoubtedly working on a seventh instalment in the Forza series to release in the fall. Judging by what little we’ve seen of State of Decay 2 though I’d predict the release date may have slipped to 2018 removing it from Scorpio’s launch line up. This may not matter however as the Scorpio’s launch is unlike many others though in that it has the entire back catalogue of Xbox one games along with numerous 360 games to lean on in an attempt to persuade users to pick the console up. I’d expect Microsoft to utilise this with comparisons between Xbox one and Scorpio being drawn often throughout the conference.

Something new


New IP is perhaps what Microsoft needs most at E3 2017. Microsoft has been heavily criticised for its lack of any ambitious new games especially after the cancellation of Platinum Game’s Scalebound. E3 2017 would be the perfect time to quash this talk by announcing the production of new IPs either within internal studios or through partnership with third parties. The announcement that Halo won’t be at E3 2017 has certainly created an opportunity for something else to steal the show and hopefully it will be something entirely new.


A focus on games


E3 has long been infamous for slow and nervous speeches by developers and industry professionals. Lasts years Sony conference cut most of the talking out and focused instead on gameplay and trailers. Microsoft can and should learn from this and leave the talking for the many hours of interviews they’ll participate in over the course of the convention. Ultimately the best way to generate interest in your game is through trailers or gameplay showcases and the Xbox conference should reflect that.


Xbox needs a conference that is all about games, new IP and Scorpio and you can tune in at the slightly earlier time of 10PM BST on Sunday june 11th to watch is for yourself.